Why Orlando Palm Tree Maintenance Is Imperative For The Health Of Your Tree

Regular Orlando palm tree maintenance is key to keeping these Florida favorites healthy and robust. 

Why You Need Orlando Palm Tree Maintenance:

Palm trees are a wonderful foliage option for your yard. They are perfect in the Florida sun and give off that tropical-on-vacation vibe we all long for. Many Floridians love having them because they are so easy to care for, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need any maintenance at all. Here are some key reasons regular care is imperative for your palm trees:

1) Damage Prevention

With age, your trees will grow, and branches will begin to brown and die. When they die, they hang on the tree, limp and very heavy. As the branches start to weigh the tree down a couple of things can happen. They can snap and break off, potentially damaging your property or someone on it, or they cause the entire tree to tilt. Another type of damage we need to point out is storm damage. With hurricane season, it’s anybody’s guess what could happen. That’s why it’s so important you take care of your trees. Those heavy branches hanging off your tree will be no match against 80 mph winds that come through and could potentially do a lot of damage wherever the wind decides to take them. If your tree is tilting, a heavy storm or lightning could cause it to snap and fall somewhere you don’t want it to land. 

2) The Health of Your Tree

The health of your tree depends on how much you care for them. These tall-standing beauties can be very heavy. This means that when they age, and their branches start to die, it literally becomes a dead weight on the tree. They will begin to weigh themselves down, potentially causing them to crack or break off. Trimming will remove the dead weight as well as keep away any diseases that may have been the cause for them to die. The dead branches will also prevent any new branches from forming. This harms the tree because palm trees require green fronds to help with its food supply. 

When You Need It:

Extensive Orlando palm tree maintenance can actually be harmful to your tree. You want to take great care in trimming your trees, and you should only prune your trees once or twice a year. It is suggested to do it in the Spring because the dead branches can act as protection in the winter from the cold. 

It is also essential living in Orlando to check the state of your tree before and throughout hurricane season. As stated before, dead branches can cause a lot of damage to your property as a result of a storm. 


How To Maintain Your Trees:

A key factor when maintaining your trees is to make sure you don’t remove too many of the fronds. This will cause them to weaken significantly, making them very unhealthy. Green fronds should not be touched because that is the primary food source for your tree. Check to see which ones are completely dried up and dead, usually with a brown hue to them, and remove those. It is essential to hire a professional to help with palm tree maintenance because they will know which fronds are safe and necessary to remove. Trying to do it yourself could result in an unhealthy tree and can also be a safety concern. Palms can become very tall and standing on ladders to reach can be risky if you aren’t a trained professional. 

If you are looking to hire a professional for your Orlando palm tree maintenance, give us a call today! We can provide you a free estimate on the regular care and treatment for your palms.