Why Apopka Tree Trimming is for You

When it comes to your yard, you want it to look great. If you have downed trees or if you have trees with too many branches or limbs, we’re the tree service to call for Apopka tree trimming. We’ll transform your yard into the envy of the block.


As tree trimming professionals, we understand that disorderly, messy-looking trees add a negative impact to your property. That’s why, at J & J’s Lawn and Tree Service, we offer a wide range of tree trimming help.

Here are some things to look for to help you decide to get Apopka tree trimming.


This is an easy one. Your tree just doesn’t look nice. Trimming a tree helps maintain its shape and look. That way, you always have a nice looking tree that adds to your lawn, instead of taking away from your yard.

Could Harm Your Home

If branches are too close to your home, it’s time to get your tree trimmed. There are a number of issues that could occur if you don’t.

First, living in Florida means there are a lot of pine trees, which could drop their needles on your roof; this is dangerous if you don’t clean up the debris because this accumulation of debris can build up moisture and harm the roof of your home.

Second, this could break windows or harm your house during a severe storm.


Dead and broken branches could fall at any time, potentially harming you, a family member or a pet. That’s why it’s good to hire a professional to come in and take out broken branches. It’ll keep you safe.


It may surprise you to hear, but Apopka tree trimming can help your tree stay healthy, and live longer. Trimming a tree helps maintain its health and overall appearance. That way, you always have a nice looking tree.

If you feel like it’s time for tree trimming, book an appointment with us. We can help you with all of your Apopka tree trimming needs.