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We’re Your Go-To For Orlando Tree Stump Removal

If you have old stumps that you’re tired of looking at, we have a solution. Our Orlando tree stump removal service can transform your yard in a cost-effective way.

Did you recently cut down a tree, but now find yourself left with a tree stump that sticks out like a sore thumb? When you care about your yard’s appearance, there’s really no way around making an unsightly stump look like it belongs. If this is the case for your yard, you need an Orlando tree stump removal service that can come to the rescue. We utilize one of the best and most efficient ways to remove tree stumps and roots below the ground level.

Here’s how:

What We Do

At J&J’s, we use a piece of equipment called a stump grinder that cuts away at a tree stump using a rotating disk. This disk then eats away at the stump, turning it into mulch as it goes. This mulch can be repurposed for your yard or we can haul it away for you to use it in another yard.

When you invest in an Orlando tree stump removal service, you’re eliminating the stump at the surface level. The root system will not be affected but will decay over time.

Why We Do It

Tree stump grinding is the economical and environmentally-friendly route for removing stumps and trees– especially if you choose to utilize leftover mulch for your yard. The old fashion way consisted of removing a tree stump from the roots, which took tedious time and energy and was a much more expensive procedure.

Now, if you’re looking to plant a new tree or shrubs, or building a deck or patio of some sort, you’re able to remove old stumps at a fraction of the cost. This is one of our most popular services due to its effective ability to turn your yard into a much more appealing one.

It’s time to make the call you’ve been longing for.

Contact us today for your Orlando tree stump removal needs. We’d be happy to transform your yard into one you’re proud of!