Tips To Grow Lake Mary Garden Plants Better Than Ever

Doing anything in the Florida heat can be tough, but growing your own Lake Mary garden plants can be very beneficial! Growing your fruits and vegetables provides you with healthy foods that you don’t have to purchase from the grocery store. It just takes a little effort but can save you lots of money.

Having garden plants in your backyard is a great way to grow fruits and vegetables for your family. It also adds character to your home and spruces up your garden! Today we are sharing a few fun tips for you to grow your own Lake Mary garden plants.

Some Lake Mary garden plants that can handle the hot climate include watermelon, sweet potatoes, okra, Malabar spinach, winter squash, tomatoes, pumpkin, corn, beans, eggplants, and peppers, just to name a few. Of course, there are many others, but it is key to know which plants can thrive in the heat, and which ones cannot. Some garden plants even require hot temperatures to grow.

A way to help your plants last is to provide a shade netting to keep your garden plants a little cooler. Be sure to suspend the net several inches above the plants. Also, bear in mind that any plant growing in a container will dry faster than if it were on the ground. This is something to consider when planting your crop.

With the summer’s intense heat, it is important that we not only provide ourselves with enough water but that we give our plants enough water as well. Believe it or not, plants will get even sweatier and thirstier than humans. The best way to tackle growing plants in summer is to make sure you wear light colored clothing, put on sunscreen, and stay hydrated. Garden early in the morning before the heat of the day. This has proven to be more beneficial for the plants.

With over a 3000 species of trees that exist in the State of Florida, taking care of the ones that take residence on your property can become a problem without the proper care.

Having a certified arborist is key when determining the health of a tree and if it needs to be removed, pruned or saved from disease, and insects. Contact us today if you have question about your lawn or Lake Mary garden plants!