The Apopka Palm Tree Trimming Basics for a Better Yard

As Floridians, we have the honor of being surrounded by palm trees. Though it may be minimal, palm trees do require some upkeep to promote their health. Your professionals at J&J Lawn and Tree Service are here to give you a few tips for your Apopka palm tree trimming.

When to Trim

Palm trees require very little maintenance. Trimming is only required about one to two times a year.

Over the course of the year, the tree produces new leaves, known as fronds. As older fronds begin to die, they will become brown and dry. These are prime candidates for trimming.

Rule of thumb for your Apopka palm tree trimming: only prune what is dead, not what you think will become dead.

How to Trim

For your Apopka palm tree trimming, use a sharp pair of pruning shears or saw. Aim to cut as close to the base as possible without puncturing the actual base. If possible, carefully remove the remaining loose blades, called petioles.

Of course, our certified professionals at J&J Lawn and Tree Service are here to help you with this process. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of your palm tree trimming needs.

Why You Should Trim Your Palm Tree

If you don’t trim your tree, it can be dangerous. As the fronds die, they will fall off the tree. This can lead to potentially dangerous conditions as they could land on you, a child or a pet.

Not to mention, an unhealthy tree does not add to your curb appeal. Apopka palm tree trimming benefits both the well-being and appearance of your yard.

Over-Trimming Can be Harmful

Palm trees require their canopy-like shape to defend themselves and promote development. It is important that you not trim in excess.

If you remove too many fronds, the palm tree will become weak, and pests will start to take control.

J&J Lawn and Tree Service prides itself on top service for our customers and their yards. If you need help with Apopka palm tree trimming, contact us today.