Simple Orlando Backyard Designs Tips for Your Home

You always want to have a nice looking backyard with some great and promising designs. With these Orlando backyard design tips, your home will always look good, especially when guests come to visit.

Plant Plants

There are a lot of homes out there that don’t have anything in their backyard beside some sod. That’s just not enough. You want your backyard to look nice, not dull. Plant some nice shrubs, trees or flowers to spice up the place and give it that extra edge.

There are many great plants you can add to your backyard; for Florida, a palm tree could do or even an orange tree. The African Lily is a Florida favorite, rising up to 3 feet tall and has blue or white flowers on its stalks.

Remove Trees

Does your yard have needless trees cluttering? If so, you can make your backyard look better by getting these trees removed, and who better to call then J & J’s Lawn and Tree Service, your tree removal specialists.

Get Rid of that Stump

Many houses have it. That lone stump in the backyard that just makes your Orlando backyard design look terrible. Well, there’s no need to be concerned any longer. You can remove that tree stump and make your place look much more appealing. Removing a stump will open up your backyard, making it look less cluttered.


This may not sound like backyard design, but trust me, it is. Lots of lawns are easily covered with plant debris, such as leaves and pine needles. Be sure to rake the leaves off your yard, and your yard will already begin to look better.


You’d be surprised by how nice your lawn looks after you edge. This is a lot of work, but it’s worth all the effort. You want to edge flowerbeds, your home, and your driveway. This will get rid of that “overgrown look” that yards tend to have when they aren’t edged.

Trim Plants

Like edging, trimming plants will make your yard look nicer. Trimming may take time, but like edging, it’s worth all the effort. No longer will your plants look like they’re taking over your yard, they will look like a nice addition.

When it comes to your Orlando backyard designs, if you follow these tips you’ll increase your backyard appeal. If you’re planning on making your backyard look better, book an appointment with us. We can help you with all of your tree and plant needs.