Orlando Tree Removal: How to Spot a Sick Tree

Do you feel like you have too many trees on your property? Hurricane season is here and now is the time to make the choice. Do you want to change it? Or do you want to take down some trees? Here’s how to spot a sick tree and decide if you need to hire an Orlando tree removal expert.

Spotting a Sick Tree – Orlando Tree Removal

It can be hard to spot a sick tree. An otherwise healthy looking tree can, in fact, be really sick. Just like you shouldn’t be judging a book by its cover, you can’t judge a tree by its bark (or something like that). Here are some signs and ways you can tell if a tree might need help or needs an Orlando tree removal

  • Look at the roots. Are there signs of decay or broken roots?

  • Check the trunk. Is there decay?

  • Check the canopy. Check to see if there are dead branches, dead sections of bark or leaning, weak limbs. Are there issues with leaves or not enough foliage on the tree?

Orlando Arborist

What’s an arborist you may ask? An arborist, sometimes referred to as a tree surgeon, is someone who is certified to examine trees to make sure they are healthy. Here at J & J’s Lawn & Tree Service we have a certified arborist on staff ready to help out to inspect your trees.

Questions You Should Be Considering:

  • Do you have a large, older tree beside your house?

  • Do you have pine trees surrounding your home?

  • Do you have an older tree?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then it’s probably time for an Orlando tree removal expert, like us, to come and assess your trees.

If you need an Orlando tree removal expert or quote, then contact J & J’s Lawn & Tree Service today! We can help you cut down and remove trees to help make your yard safe for you and your family.