Orlando Plant Guide: How to Develop a Native Landscaping Yard

You don’t have to be an expert to select the right native plants for your landscaping. Here is an Orlando plant guide that will help you keep your landscape healthy and long- lasting.

Making sure your yard has plants that are native to Florida can take a lot of the hassle out of trying to maintain non-native plants alive in Florida’s constant heat. This quick Orlando plant guide will show you the three best Orlando tree and plant types to shop for when looking to make your yard as heat friendly as possible!


We will begin our Orlando plant guide with a few tree recommendations. A few trees that thrive in the Central Florida area are the Red Maple, the Sweet Acacia, and the Devil’s Walking Stick. These types of Orlando trees all have one thing in common; they can withstand a harsh amount of sunlight and heat. In Florida, a high sun tolerance is imperative for the survival of low-maintenance trees. All three types of trees attract small wildlife such as birds and butterflies, but the best part is you can find small flowers blooming on all three trees throughout the year!


Finding flowers that are beautiful yet low maintenance in Florida can be quite the challenge. In the Central Florida area, some of the most popular yet beautiful flowers that bloom here natively include the Milkweed, Black-Eyed Susan’s, and Violets. All three also can withstand high heat and look great as your Altamonte landscaping. However, the Black-Eyed Susan’s are resistant to living in the prolonged rain so they may only thrive from January to June. Adding these flowers to your walkway or front yard can make your home look warm and inviting.


Shrubs add body and dimension to your front and backyard. They can also be ideal for creating barriers between you and neighboring homes. The Feijoa is a common bush used in Central Florida to create sturdy hedges that withstand both wind and sun. Beautyberry bushes are also on the list of popular Central Florida shrubs. They are very good at withstanding summer droughts and also bloom purple fruit in the summer and early fall despite the heat.

Follow our Orlando plant guide for a beautiful residential or commercial property landscaping. When planning your landscaping makeover, make sure to book an appointment with us! We can help you better understand which plants and tree’s are right for your landscaping. From residential to commercial property, J&J Lawn & Tree Service can do the job just right!