Keep Trees Healthy All Year Long With Maitland Palm Tree Trimming

One of the most unique things about Florida treescaping is you can plant palm trees right in your backyard for a year-round tropical look! We’re helping you with tips on why you might need a Maitland palm tree trimming.

Palm trees need to be maintained to beautify our surroundings and help increase our property value. They can be low-maintenance, but you should still hire a professional when it comes to Maitland palm tree trimming. Here are some items to consider when doing so.

A Consistent Trimming Keeps a Property Looking Good

When the trees, bricks, flowers, and other decor surrounding your house look good, you feel good! A well-maintained property can equal a happy homeowner. Keeping up with your palm trees can also boost your property value. A tree in front of your house adds value and curb appeal. If you’re not thinking about selling your house anytime soon, that’s okay! It’s good to consider what your property value might be in the future when you are ready to sell or showcase your house.

Recommended Frequency For a Maitland Palm Tree Trimming

Palm trees only require trimming one to two times per year. We mean it when we said they’re low maintenance! The trees should only be trimmed when the oldest fronds are brown. You might recognize this when you drive past buildings or attractions with palm trees and you see the brown fronds hanging from the tree, making the tree look tired and worn down. If the fronds are brown, that means they’re dry, dead, and ready for a healthy trim!

Be Careful With Not Trimming and Overtrimming

Since the trees only require trimming once or twice a year, overtrimming palm trees can lead to concerns. Green fronds should not be removed from the tree as this could damage it. This can also leave room for pests to make homes, and it can weaken the tree. 

On the other hand, not trimming your palm trees could be dangerous to your house and the people around it. The trees could fall, and heavy winds could pose a danger with tree debris. Remember to hire a professional when you’re ready for a Maitland palm tree trimming to ensure the job is completed in a safe manner.

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