Is Your Yard In Need Of Longwood Palm Tree Removal?

There are many reasons why one might need Longwood palm tree removal. And we’re ready to help.

Living in Florida, you see palm trees everywhere. They’re landscaped outside of businesses, homes, highways– and beaches, of course. But, while they look good on the outside, they could have problems at the root. If you suspect that your palm trees may be diseased or growing fungus, you should seek to remove them before it spreads to other trees. Our Longwood palm tree removal service can do the following things and more:

Inspect Your Palm Trees

There are many different species of palm trees. They differ by their leaves, trunk shape, and height. Because they are not all made equal, it can be tough to determine which kind of palm tree you own. This is when you need to call a local arborist.

At J&J’s, we have skilled tree specialists that will come to your home to inspect your palm trees. We’ll be able to determine the root of the problem and offer a solution that fits within your budget.

Remove Your Palm Trees

If you decide that you’re ready to eliminate your tree for any reason, we can be your Longwood palm tree removal service of choice. It’s important that your tree is in somewhat of an accessible location, so upon our arrival, ensure that vehicles and outdoor furniture are out of the way. Our staff will arrive at the location, remove your palm trees and engage in clean-up.

Ready to get started?

For over 30 years, we’ve been servicing the area with Longwood palm tree removal. Our staff is comprised of tree professionals that care greatly about the work we’re doing to improve the presence of our community. If you want to learn more about what others have to say about our work, check out our testimonials page. We’re always looking to expand our territory, so if you’re in need of our assistance, give us a call and we’ll do what we can to meet your tree needs!