Have You Been Affected By Hurricane Season? Call Us To Be Your Apopka Storm Damage Tree Removal Service

We’re not out of the woods yet. Hurricane season is still upon us. If you’ve been affected, call us to be your Apopka storm damage tree removal service.

Storms can have a significant impact on your yard, especially when it comes to your trees. Heavy winds and rain can lead to dead branches, debris, and even whole trees falling. It can be overwhelming to try and clear the mess, especially if you don’t have the proper tools and equipment to do so. That’s where hiring an Apopka storm damage tree removal service comes in. 

Before A Storm Hits

It’s essential to take preventative measures to try and lessen the damage the storm season can inevitably bring to your yard. The first step is to inspect trees before a storm. You want to check for signs of damage or disease. These signs include cracks in the branches or trunks, hollow areas, leaning, or fungi growth. If you’re not sure if what you see should be concerning, call us in to inspect the situation. We can give you a health assessment of your trees and walk you through your next steps. 

Some of the things we recommend doing beforehand are to prune diseased branches, trim excessive growth, remove dead branches that hang over your home or powerlines, and remove hazardous trees altogether. If you have a leaning tree, we can help you decide whether to remove it entirely or brace it up to keep it and your property safe. 

After A Storm Hits

Once the storm has passed, our first step is to assess the damage done. Not all signs of storm damage are easily noticeable, and we can catch some of the hard to notice spots such as broken branches found high in the canopy. 

Our goal is to preserve as much of your yard as possible. It’s understandable to be concerned and want to remove all of your trees right off the bat, but it’s better to try and rectify the damage first. There is a lot of value in having trees on your property, both aesthetically as well as environmentally. 

If, however, your tree has fallen over completely or split, that’s when Apopka storm damage tree removal becomes a necessity. For safety reasons, it’s best to hire a professional to come in and manage the tree removal. After we’ve safely removed your tree, we can then grind your stump, so you’re left with a clean yard. 

Finally, after we’ve assessed the damage to your trees and handled any problems, we will then address your yard. We don’t want you to be left with a mess so we will handle the cleanup. Even if you have no tree damage, we will still come in and help with getting your yard restored to its original glory. 

Why Hire J&J Tree and Lawn For The Job?

Our certified arborist can see things that many can’t. We can assess any damage and make recommendations based on what we find. By hiring us, you’re ensuring an efficient and safe cleanup for your property. Our cleanup crews are fast and courteous, and we pride ourselves in giving you the best possible experience. If you’re looking for Apopka storm damage tree removal service, contact us today for a free estimate!