Do’s and Don’ts On Proper Apopka Sod Installation

Execute a proper Apopka sod installation with these helpful do’s and don'ts.

Are you in need of increasing your business or home’s curb appeal? Re sodding your lawn can help with that! We can help with your Apopka sod installation by removing the existing lawn and resolve with a new installation with the help of our sod specialists. We are even able to customize a new installation that best suites your property.

Although we do recommend having a specialist take on a big project such as a sod installation, there are many home and business owners who will take the challenge of doing it on their own. Today we are sharing a few do’s and don’t’s on proper Apopka sod installation. Take out your notepads and let’s get started.

Prepare Soil for Your Apopka Sod Installation

Remove all debris from the area including rocks, wood, and roots. The soil should be raked and be one inch below the driveway, sidewalks, and sprinklers. Use a lawn roller to press the soil as evenly as possible. Water and pre-fertilize the soil in advanced before the sod installation begins. Make sure that the sod is laid out immediately after it arrives.


Make sure the Apopka sod installation is done in a well-organized matter. Lay the sod along a straight line that aligns with the sidewalk or driveway. The edges should be stuck together tightly, with no space between them. The sod being close together is vital so make sure they are not overlapping each other. A tip would be to use a sharp knife and to fit in corners around trees and others things in between the grass. Once the installation is complete water the new sod.

Tip: Make sure to water the sod three times a day for 15 minutes for 10 days to allow the roots to settle.

Make Sure Sod Is Moist

The newly installed sod should be kept moist at all times. Making sure the sod doesn’t dry out is vital. Sod dries out quickly and dies, so as soon you receive it make sure to install it quickly. Now if you start noticing water to gather on the new sod make sure you reduce the number of times you water it.

Wait on Mowing The Grass

The ten days after the Apopka sod installation has been completed is important to always have it moist. After the ten days, the underlying roots will have been established giving you the green light to mow the grass. This shouldn’t be done beforehand. Make sure not to rake the sod, as it will pull up the loose ends.

We hope these tips will help you better understand how to properly execute a Apopka sod installation. As certified arborist, we customize your new installation to make sure it suites your property!

Apopka Sod Installation can be done at any point of the year with these four easy tips. If you have any questions., give us a call today