Don’t Know What to do with Your Orlando Shrubs? We Can Help!

Don’t know what to do with your Orlando shrubs? Are they overgrown to the point of disrepair? Do they clutter up your yard like nobody’s business? Or do you have a lonely tree stump in the middle of your yard?

Then look no further than J & J Lawn and Tree Service, your professional tree service here to help you trim your Orlando shrubs. Here are a few pointers of when you know it’s time to call your tree service today.  


If your Orlando shrubs look overgrown, then your plants are in need of a tree trimming. Trimming overgrown shrubs will help your yard look nicer, and it will also help your plant fill out properly.

Maintain Shrubs

Pruning alters the growth of the plant and the way the plant looks overall. Pruning is not just for aesthetic reasons; it’s also a preventative measure for ensuring that your plant is healthy.

Stump Removal

Maybe you had a rather large Orlando shrub that needed to be removed. A plant that fell due to age, or from the last hurricane. Now, all that’s left is an unsightly stump protruding out of your yard. It can be hard to cover up a tree stump; there are only just so many gnomes you can place on a stump.  

So why cover it up when you can get it removed?

You can either get a tree stump removal or get a tree stump grinding. The major difference between the two is that with stump grinding, the root system is still in the earth.

With stump removal, the whole thing is taken, stump, root and all. This becomes a preference for you. However, removing the stump completely means you don’t have to worry about the stump growing back.

J & J Tree Services aids customers in ways that will benefit their property, yard, and home. If you need Orlando Shrubs trimmed, or a tree stump ground, then contact us today.