Does Your Business Need A Visit From An Orlando Tree Trimmer?

An Orlando tree trimmer knows what’s best for your trees and their health.

You may wonder why your business might need to call an Orlando tree trimmer. It’s not like your landscaping is going to get you more business, right? Well, that’s where you may be surprised. If your business’ building is surrounded by trees, those trees could be either distracting or hiding your property from people passing. That’s free marketing your business could be missing out on.

At J&J, we have an Orlando tree trimmer with the knowledge and expertise necessary to know what trees could be problematic. The appearance of your business can make a significant impression on your customers, and housing a jungle could represent chaos. This is why your business’ yard maintenance is crucial.

If you’re going to spend the money to clean up your business’ outdoor presence, you might as well call an

Orlando tree trimmer. Here are two reasons to give us a call:

Our Experience

Jeff McMillan, our owner, is a State Certified Arborist and UF Landscaping Architect. He has deep knowledge and understanding of tree analysis and care. We’ve built a strong team that has served Central Florida for over 27 years. There is no tree problem we can’t solve.

Our Testimonials

As seen on our website, we have a testimonials page that accurately depicts our credibility. Our customers come first in every project we do, and that shows through our reviews. One review by Michelle Tagtekin reads:

“It was great to work with J&J’s. We’ve used them twice now and will definitely stick with them in the future. Excellent customer service, competitive prices and a job well done. Highly recommended!”

If you’re looking for an Orlando tree trimmer to determine what’s best for your trees, give us a call today. The crew at J&J’s would love to be a part of your yard’s transformation!