Common Altamonte Tree Trimming Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Most people think Altamonte tree trimming is a walk in the park, but today we’re sharing three common mistakes you didn’t know you were making.

Having beautiful trees on your property can completely transform your yard and increase your curb appeal. If you cut your trees yourself, there are probably some Altamonte tree trimming mistakes you are committing that you are not even aware you’re making. Here are three errors we’ve seen in the past, and why you should stop making them and call an expert.

Poor Trimming Technique

Cutting tree foliage all the way down to the tree trunk is one of the most common Altamonte tree trimming mistakes. When a tree branch is pruned all the way down to the tree trunk, the branch collar, which is the part that allows the tree to heal itself after the cut, is removed.

If the tree branch is not able to heal itself post cut your tree is left vulnerable to pests and disease that might want to invade it in its weakened state.  

Over Pruning

Often you will find a branch on your tree that appears to look like it should be pruned. However, many of these seemingly “ugly” branches are new and if left to grow would have a fresh flower or leaves growing from it.

Premature pruning can stunt the growth of the new tree flowers and branches leaving your tree unable to make food or get proper nutrients. Over-pruning can also leave your tree susceptible to diseases and parasites that can enter it through the cuts. No more than 20% of a tree’s foliage should be pruned in one session.


Topping a tree happens when the person who is trimming the trees takes off the entire top layer of the tree foliage. Topping a tree is common among people who think the trees on their property have gotten too large and want a quick solution. This act not only leaves trees much weaker than before, but it also makes it so the branches on your tree grow back at strange jagged angles, if they grow back at all.

Leave the work to the professionals and give us a call today to make your next Altamonte tree trimming appointment!