Are You Looking For Orlando Fallen Tree Removal? We Can Help!

Storms got your tree down? We can help with our Orlando fallen tree removal!

From June to November, Florida is under a constant stream of water and high winds. Hurricane season comes with multiple opportunities for your trees to experience damage. One result of the storm season is the need for an Orlando fallen tree removal service. There are steps, however, to help prevent that from happening. 

Here are our steps to take to help prevent your tree from falling: 


Schedule Regular Maintenance

Pruning and trimming will remove heavy weight from the tree. If your tree is burdened with heavy, unnecessary, branches, it can start to lean. A leaning tree results in a weakened tree, allowing a storm to sweep it up from the ground easily. It is also essential for preventing a weak limb from falling unexpectedly, which can be just as damaging to your home. 

Brace Your Trees

If your tree service professional already finds your tree is in a weakened state, bracing may be the best option. Cabling or bracing your trees will hold it upright and keep it safely in its position. It can also reduce stress damage from high winds and rain. Cabling can even strengthen your tree over time back to a healthy and robust state. 

Remove Dead or Diseased Trees Beforehand

It may be in your best interest as a homeowner to remove a tree that has become a liability versus an asset to the property. If your tree has already been weakened by disease or bug infestation (or happens to be already dead), it is in your best interest to have it removed. This can save your home from having costly repairs due to the damage done as a result of a storm hitting your tree. 

As a homeowner, you can take all the necessary steps to protect your home and landscaping, but we know life happens. When it does, J&J is here to help with our Orlando fallen tree removal service. 

If you experience storm damage to your landscaping, we can help. We arrive at the site and analyze and address any concerns you may have. We will remove the fallen tree, and will even clean the leftover debris in your yard. 

Contact us today for a free estimate for your home!

Crown Reduction Trimming

If you weren’t prepared for the season, and your tree has experienced significant damage from the storm season, crown reduction trimming can help. It removes substantial branches that have been affected or are impeding on your home or power lines. It can also help with any diseased branches you may have. Removing these branches helps prevent the spread of the disease. 

Having your own tropical paradise is only one of the benefits of having any of these routine Winter Park tree trimming services. 

Others include: 

  1. Trimming your trees will increase it’s exposure to the sun and allow for more air circulation to flow through it and onto the underlying landscape below it.  This helps improve the health of the tree from the root, upwards. 

  2. Fruit trees benefit significantly from routine trimming and it can improve the quality of your crop. 

  3. Tree trimming can open up your property and improve your view. 

  4. It improves the structure of the tree, keeping the limbs from growing weak or crossing each other. It can also keep your tree from being weighed down and leaning over. 

Don’t let your trees become a burden. Contact J&J for your Winter Park tree trimming needs to keep them healthy and your backyard looking like your own personal retreat.