A Complete Look At Our Orlando Tree Service

Trees are an essential part of a beautiful landscape and it’s important to keep them pruned and healthy. With an Orlando tree service, you can keep on top of your tree care.

What does an Orlando tree service mean exactly? It could be several things, tree planting and transplanting, cabling and bracing, a complete health care program, subsurface watering, pruning, or full on removal.

Your trees, much like your children, require a regular schedule of care in order to grow strong and healthy. A complete Orlando tree service has several services within.


Regular trimming and pruning of your trees can help in several ways. It helps maintain the size and shape of your tree allowing it to grow fuller and promote better flowering and fruiting.

If you have any areas that are dying or diseased, removing the dead areas could save your tree and prevent the disease from spreading. Another very important factor, especially in Orlando, is storm damage. By keeping your trees pruned you can help prevent unnecessary damage from dead or weak branches falling.


It takes just the right amount of water to keep your tree healthy. Under-watering is just as harmful as over-watering. Too much water can kill roots and limit the amount of water the tree takes in. If your tree is being under-watered, subsurface watering can help inject the tree at its source. 

Soil and Nutrient Maintenance

If your tree is losing color or has tiny holes in it, this could be due to lack of nutrients. There are be a couple of ways to handle this.

Most commonly re-soiling would be the recommendation. Making sure to use the proper soil with the added nutrients will help your tree absorb said nutrient and come back to life over time.

Cabling and Bracing

If your tree is showing signs of structural weakness and is leaning due to its inability to hold up its growth, cabling and bracing is the best solution. This allows support for the weakened tree and can help it redistribute its weight onto other parts. Making sure your tree stands up properly and is strong will prevent a lot of damage in the future.

Tree Removal

If your tree is damaged by a storm or disease has spread, it’s imperative you remove the tree from your yard. Fallen trees can be dangerous and having the proper equipment to remove them is an important service we offer.

A diseased tree left standing can begin to affect more areas of your lawn through the roots too, slowly spreading the disease throughout your yard. The minute you fear your tree has fully died or is starting to die, you should have a specialist come out and monitor the situation.

A regularly scheduled Orlando tree service will help in the prevention of this and keep you from having to fully remove your tree.

Are you looking for an Orlando tree service? Let us keep your trees healthy and beautiful! Schedule your free consultation today.