We Can Do These 3 Things & More As Your Winter Park Tree Service

Having a Winter Park tree service is imperative for the health of your trees and the curb appeal of your home. Here are three ways we can help keep your trees and home looking their best.

One of the best parts of Winter Park is how much pride people take in their homes. Beautiful landscaping is no exception. As your go-to Winter Park tree service provider, we can help you keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

Here are three ways we can help you keep up your Winter Park curb appeal:

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is crucial to the health of your trees and a big part of what we offer in our Winter Park tree service. Tree trimming promotes healthy growth in your trees, makes roots stronger, encourages fruit and floral growth, and removes any disease from the trees. To top it off, a uniform and properly shaped tree are much more aesthetically appealing.

Tree Removal

An ugly tree can ruin the appearance of your home. Whether it’s a tree that came with the home, storm damage, or a dead tree, removal is key. A diseased tree that has died can create more than just aesthetic issues for your home. If left rooted it can spread the disease throughout your lawn. This will then slowly start affecting the rest of your landscaping and can require much more financially down the road.


Florida hurricane season can create a storm damage situation that would require your tree to be removed for safety reasons. Storm damaged trees can drop branches and debris around your yard and they have the possibility of harming your home. It also damages the structural integrity of the tree which could cause it to blow over entirely.

Tree Stump Grinding

Bottom line: stumps are unappealing. They stick out like a sore thumb and can prevent you from doing anything with the space they’re taking up.

Beyond being harmful to your curb appeal though, they’re a potential danger. They can create a tripping situation for you or your neighbors coming through your yard and can also harm lawn equipment if not instantly noticeable to those doing lawn work. Stump grinding will remove all visible trace of the stump and turn it into mulch you can use for your yard.

Does your home need a Winter Park tree service? Contact us to find out about the variety of services we have to offer.