5 Signs You May Need An Orlando Tree Service

From cankers to leaf rust and bagworm, there are many tree diseases that your trees can carry. Here are five signs that you may need our Orlando tree services.

Recognizing that the trees on your property are diseased is not always an easy thing. Many small signs of an infected tree come up but can go unnoticed when not taking an up-close look. Here are some signs to help you diagnose the suspicious trees in your yard before it’s too late. Our Orlando tree service can help you trim your trees and decipher what the healthiest option for your lawn is.

1) Canker

Cankers appear on the branches and trunks of trees when a blunt force either manually damages them or when fungi and bacteria infect the tree. They look like dead holes or patches on isolated sections of the tree. They make be white in color or dark depending on the type of canker they are. Although this kind of infections does not necessarily kill mature trees, they do cause deformations that our Orlando tree service can prevent.

2) Leaf Rust

Leaf rust is one of the most obvious symptoms of a diseased tree. Leaf rust is a fungal disease that attacks the leaves of your yard’s trees. With over 5,000 types of leaf rust affecting trees, it’s one of the more common tree diseases found across the country. If you are checking your trees and spot a white raised area on the underside of your tree’s leaves, you should know that this is an early sign that your tree may be infected. Later on, these spots will begin to turn reddish-orange by the disease’s common name.

3) Witch's Broom

If you’ve ever noticed strange deformations on your tree’s branches that appear almost like a cluster of twigs, there is a good chance your tree has witches’ broom disease. Stress typically causes this tree disease, creating parasites or bacterial infection on the tree

4) Bagworm

Have you ever wondered what the small, lint-like looking creatures hanging around the roof of your home or on some of the trunk of your trees are? You’re most likely looking at bagworms. Bagworms are closely related to moths and much like how moths chew up all the clothes they come into contact with; bagworms chew up all the leaves on the trees in your yard.

5) Fire Blight

Named for the after-scorch appearance, it gives the leaves of your trees; Fire Blight is a destructive disease that can kill all of your tree’s leaves if not spotted soon. The leaves will begin to get the dead looking, reddish color from the tips of the leaves and back down through the stem. Fire blight causes the leaf to die at the root and fall off.

If you see any of these warning signs on your trees, schedule an appointment with J&J for your Orlando tree service before it’s too late to recover