Get Your Yard Prepared For Summer With An Orlando Tree Inspection

The best part of summer is getting to spend time outside! Make sure your yard is ready with an Orlando tree inspection.

What do you think of when you think about summertime? For us, it’s backyard barbecues with friends and enjoying a nap in a palm-tree hammock. For others, it may be laying poolside under a shady tree for cover. Either way, your landscaping plays a significant role in your summer activities. 

Your trees go through a lot with the influx of insects and the heavy storms we get in the summer. It’s essential to have an Orlando tree inspection to make sure you are prepared to enjoy them throughout the season. An inspection guide for summer tree care includes three steps.

The initial inspection.

The initial inspection will include a thorough check for any pests or mites your tree may be harboring. There are some easy tell-tale signs that you may have a pest or mite problem in your tree, which include holes in your foliage or the trunk of your tree. 

There are, however, other signs you may not associate with pests. For example, if you notice tiny discolorations in the leaves or yellowing foliage. Discoloration of your leaves could be from small white bugs living on your foliage. But, both of these could be signs of pests. 

Having a professional come in for an inspection is essential because they’ll have the expertise to know what signs are worrisome. 

Regular pruning and maintenance.

You want to keep your tree pruned and ready for the season. For trees that bloom in the spring, the best time to trim them is the beginning of summer. Regular trimming will also keep dead or diseased branches from spreading to the remainder of the tree. Pruning allows your trees to continue growing strong and tall. 

Another area that will be checked during your Orlando tree inspection is whether or not it needs to be fertilized. Fertilizing will keep them nourished for the intense summer heat we experience in Florida. 

Storm damage prevention.

In Florida, it is imperative to make sure your trees are ready for hurricane season. Between the high winds and heavy rain, your trees have a lot to stand up against in the summer months. We suggest that you keep your trees secure during the storms by doing the following:

  • Trim dead branches so they can’t fall.

  • Cable or brace leaning trees so they can’t do any damage to your home.

  • Remove weakened trees entirely. 


Ready for your Orlando tree inspection? Call us today and let us guarantee you a summer well-spent outside beneath your beautiful trees.