4 Ways To Know If You Need A Winter Park Tree Trimming Service

A Winter Park tree trimming service is one you should utilize to maintain a healthy yard. At J&J’s, it’s our job to spot problems before they arise.

Having trees on your property entails more upkeep and responsibility than one might think. That’s why we offer a Winter Park tree trimming service that will end up saving you time and money in the future.

You wouldn’t want to overlook problematic trees because they could end up dying and having to be removed. Trees need to be trimmed consistently in order for them to grow. We’re sharing four ways to know if you may need to hire a professional:  


1) Analyze The Growth Of Your Tree

You know your yard better than anyone. You come home to it every day and most likely notice when something is out of place. If your trees begin to look larger than normal or start to invade an area they didn’t use to, it might be time to find a Winter Park tree trimming service.

2) Check For Diseased Spots

The picture to the left is what a diseased spot looks like. The main things to look for are discoloration, fungus, and premature falling. It’s important to regularly check your trees for these diseased spots to avoid weakening your tree, or worse, spreading to other trees and killing them too.

3) Inspect Your Trees After A Storm Or Frigid Winter

Us Floridians aren’t used to super cold weather and our trees aren’t either. Trees adapt to their environment so when the weather lasts longer than expected, they lose their moisture and their leaves begin to fall. After a storm, the damage will be obvious and your trees will have likely weakened. If you have branches on the ground or hanging off your trees, you should contact a Winter Park tree trimming service like ours to get your trees back to their healthy state.

4) Get A Professional To Inspect Your Trees Annually

Trust us, you’ll want to avoid having to remove your tree due to damage at all costs. If you have any question about whether or not your tree is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we recommend calling an industry professional. At J&J’s, our Winter Park tree trimming service includes inspection, tree trimming, and clean-up. Regardless of if your tree needs trimming, it’s a good idea to have it inspected to ensure there are no problems.

Allow J&J’s to be your Winter Park tree trimming company! We have the knowledge and expertise needed to keep your yard in best shape. Contact us today to get started!