4 Reasons You May Be Looking For An Orlando Stump Grinding Service

When searching for an Orlando stump grinding service, you’re probably looking for a company that knows what your yard needs better than you do. We can be that company for you.

J&J’s Lawn & Tree Service has been serving Central Florida for over 27 years. We specialize in tree services and tree analysis. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of tree-care and what your yard may need to look its best. Some of our customers believe that cutting down a tree is the solution to their problems. However, we like to educate our audience on the Orlando stump grinding service we offer as an alternative.

Stump grinding cuts away at a tree stump using a rotating disk. This disk eats away at the stump and produces mulch. This mulch can even be purposed for your landscaping. There are many reasons why you might be looking for an Orlando stump grinding service. We’re listing four of those reasons that could apply to your yard:

1) Planting New Trees Or Shrubs

If you’re looking to plant new trees or shrubs, you have to get rid of your stump and roots below ground level. It’s important to prepare your yard as a clean slate before adding new landscaping. It’s always better to avoid problems before they occur. If you need more insight, give us a call.

2) Replacing Sod

When laying fresh sod, always make sure your lawn is at its healthiest before doing so. We wouldn’t want to see tree stumps getting in the way and causing your lawn infestation. An Orlando stump grinding service can prepare you for that new sod look.

3) Building A Deck Or Patio

If you’re thinking about adding onto your house, you’ll want it to turn out exactly how you imagined, right? Contact us for your Orlando stump grinding service to ensure your yard is in tip-top condition and that any trees in the way can be taken down safely.

4) Trying To Sell Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your home, it’s vital your yard is neat and appealing to sellers. We recommend grinding all stumps and replacing sod for the quickest turn around time. If your yard looks like it has potential, it’ll make your house more appealing too!

If any of these scenarios apply to you, contact us today for our Orlando stump grinding service. J&J would be honored to turn your yard into something you’re proud of!