3 Tips to Keep in Mind During a Winter Garden Tree Trimming

You may have noticed the landscaping throughout downtown Winter Garden that seems to frame the city and give it personality. If you’re considering a Winter Garden tree trimming to help give your home or business some character, here are three tips to consider.

1) Safety

Through wind and storms and other weather conditions, your trees need some extra attention throughout the year. Consider an Oviedo tree trimming expert to help with your house’s outdoor spring cleaning. An expert can help clear out branches and leaves, trim trees, and remove debris leftover from the trees. You can sit back and relax when your property is in the hands of a professional.

2) Testimonials

Safety is our number one priority. We ensure our employees and customers are safe when we’re completing a Winter Garden tree trimming. It’s important to clear the area before trimming the trees and ensure there aren’t objects or debris that might interfere with the trimming. Upon request, we keep our customers updated on the progress throughout the job so they’re well-informed of when they can use their yard as normal again, once we’ve completed the work and cleaned the area.

We also keep our general liability insurance and workers’ compensation documents up-to-date. This confirms the safety of our employees and the company’s liability on the job to put homeowners and business owners at ease when working with us. You can easily find these document on our website for reference.

3) Added Value

Scheduling a Winter Garden tree trimming can help increase your property value by up to 14%! When you take care of your yard by landscaping and beautifying the area, the city takes notice. Even if you’re not considering selling your house right now, adding value to the property could come in handy later down the line when you’re ready.

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