How Longwood Stump Grinding Can Be The Best Thing For Your Home

In order to keep your trees healthy, looking good, and preventing any branches from falling, it is important to keep up with the proper maintenance for your trees. Here are three steps for Winter Garden tree trimming.

Your trees are full of leaves, your gardens are blooming with flowers and it is that time of year to spruce your trees in the front or back yard. Here are four tree trimming tips so the trees in your home are in tip top shape.

Picking The Right Tools And Timing for Winter Garden Tree Trimming

Pruning shears, pole pruner, and lopping shears are the key tools for doing the best Winter Garden tree trimming. We recommend these tools for DIY tree trimming on smaller and younger trees. It’s important these tools are sharp for the cleanest cut. This will make sure that the branches are growing back healthier. The most effective time to do your Winter Garden tree trimming is when they are young in order to have a good shape and structure. Managing the trimming will become easier and it will prevent scarring.

The Technique

Before you start the tree trimming it’s important to look for a specific kind of branch to start the process. Look for the branch that is shaped like the letter V. Aim for about three inches from the thickest part of the V. Make sure the branches that are touching each other are the ones you are removing. The live branches need over two-thirds of the tree’s height.

Calling An Expert

If your Winter Garden tree trimming becomes too difficult, give J & J Tree & Lawn Services a call to come help you. When your tree is close to a power line, too thick for your tools, or just too tall, call J & J with several different services to offer you, we can help you with your Winter Garden tree trimming.

With these three steps added to your Winter Garden tree trimming, it’s an easy process to keep your trees looking healthy and great. Tree trimming is an essential process that will help you with the up keeping of your trees. If you have any questions about your Winter Garden tree trimming, contact J & J Tree & Lawn Services.