3 Signs You Need A Hunter’s Creek Tree Service this Hurricane Season

In most states, the months that stretch from summer to fall mean changing leaves and cooler, crisper air. In Florida, however, these late summer to early fall months mean the dreaded hurricane season is a threat to you and your home once again. Here are three tell tale signs you need a Hunter’s Creek tree service this hurricane season

With the devastation that came with Hurricane Harvey’s path along Texas, it’s hard not to wonder, “Is my home prepared for the worst?” After all, Florida is the number one most hurricane prone state in the nation. Sometimes, preparing for disaster is the last thing on your mind, but J&J Tree and Lawn service can make it easy to understand whether you need to get your trees maintained in preparation for the hurricane season.

Dead Branches

If your lawn has a tree that is deeply rooted, you may think that its deep roots are enough to keep it from becoming hazardous during the inescapable winds notorious to Florida hurricanes. However, if you’ve noticed that your tree has dead branches or weak limbs, you need to call for an Hunter’s Creek tree service. An appointment for tree trimming can be imperative in making sure your tree branches don’t get the chance to become dangerous flying objects.

Hollow Trunks

Check all of the trees on your property for hollow trunks. Trunks are what gives trees their strength and stability. If the very foundation of your trees is weak, they become a splintering hazard. High winds and rain can push trees as far as splitting right in half, meaning if you’re unlucky enough, these splintered trees can wind up landing on your home or car. Next time you’re in your lawn, knock on all sides of your tree’s trunks. If the trees make a dull thump, they are most likely not hollow. If the knocks along the tree sound like a hollow echo, it’s time to get your tree serviced before it’s too late.

Leaning Tree

Perhaps the most visible sign of tree danger is a leaning tree. High winds and rain during hurricane season will just be adding fire to the flame when your tree is not standing upright. Our Hunter’s Creek tree service experts can determine the probability of your trees impending fall based on the strength of its roots and curvature of its trunk.

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs in your trees, relieve some of your hurricane season stress by making sure to schedule an appointment with J&J’s Lawn And Tree Service.