3 Root Problems That May Need An Orlando Tree Removal Service

You may be searching for an Orlando tree removal service because of one of the following four options. We can help!

1) Compacted Soils

In residential yards especially, trees tend to grow in compacted soil. It’s a common problem for families who are often out and about enjoying their yard. That foot traffic, along with lawn mowers and typical yard work, can cause restricted root growth, as well as crush existing roots. This is especially common if your home was recently built due to the soil compaction that occurred to set your yard.

We recommend getting your trees inspected by one of our specialists to determine whether or not it needs to be removed or relocated.

2) Pest Infestation

Living in Florida, we’re surrounded by insects of all kinds– and so are our trees. Trees that resemble stress or aging are more likely to be targeted by pests. Your trees could be attracting these pests for a number of reasons: your tree could be planted in the wrong location or it could be deprived of nutrients.

If this is the case, you should contact an Orlando tree removal service to check it out. Hopefully, we’ll be able to spot and treat the diseases early and potentially move the tree to a healthier location.

3) Lack Of Nutrients

This is not a rare occurrence when it comes to trees in our landscape. Because trees in the forest find nutrients more frequently from decomposing leaves, we tend to remove them of that delicacy by cleaning up our yards of leaves, bark, and twigs. And if your trees are surrounded by grass, they’ll likely have an even harder time competing and absorbing nutrients.

An Orlando tree removal service can help educate you on how to avoid depriving your trees by learning the best times to fertilize. We can also help with tree trimming to ensure they’re growing the way they’re supposed to.

For more information on our Orlando tree removal service, contact us today. We’d be happy to help give you and your trees peace of mind!